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Our extensive range of laundry detergents is here to help you solve any laundry problem. From everyday cleaning, to softening fabrics, tough stain removal or eliminating odour-causing bacteria, there’s something for everyone.

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About Biozet Attack

Launched in 1987 as one of Kao Corporation’s flagship brands, Biozet Attack is sold across 9 Australasian markets. As one of the leading laundry detergents, we believe we have the responsibility to develop formulations using advanced technology to help every Australian household answer any their laundry dilemmas.

Today, Biozet Attack continues its efforts to create products that offer innovative value through research and development. Our aim will always be to further improve customer satisfaction, all while reducing the environmental impact and strain on our natural resources.

Liquid Refills

Biozet Attack Refill Packs

At Biozet Attack, we care about our world and how plastic pollution is causing problems for our health, our ecosystem, and our wildlife. So, we developed Biozet Attack Refill Packs to be a part of the solution.

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As a leading laundry detergent company, we believe we have a responsibility to develop sustainable products that contribute towards a better environment for the people and the planet.


Here at Biozet Attack, we persistently utilise new science and technologies to develop innovative laundry products that fulfil the expectations of our customers.

Zetty's Washing Academy

While laundry can seem like it’s never-ending, check out our top tips and hints to save time and make washing less of a chore!