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Stain Removal

Most stains can be removed if you treat them right away and then wash the garment normally. However, certain stains can be a bit trickier and need special attention. Please read below for advice on things to keep in mind.

Before you treat a stain

Remember to take action immediately. When it comes to removing stains, the sooner you treat it the better chance you have of removing the stain. Many of the Biozet Attack range contain a powerful stain remover however for tough stains, give Biozet Attack PLUS Stain Power a try.

Is it colour-fast?

To check for colour-fastness prior to soaking or washing, dampen a small area such as the inside seam or hem, leave for a few minutes and then dab a clean white piece of cloth on the wet area, if the colour comes off the fabric, it is not colour-fast. These items should be washed separately and rinsed immediately without soaking.

Is it heavily stained?

For clothes that are heavily stained, you might need to soak it for a while before washing, to help loosen the stain.

Before treating a stain always remember:

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