Biozet Attack PLUS Sensitive Liquid

Looking for a laundry detergent is that is both powerful on stains, yet gentle on delicate skin? Try NEW Biozet Attack PLUS Sensitive with an advanced clear-coloured formulation containing no added dyes, enzymes and optical brighteners and developed to have a similiar PH to skin. This liquid detergent will offer an effective clean on your laundry with a light touch on fabrics and skin.

Powerful stain removal

Powerful stain remover

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested

Naturally derived ingredients

Contains naturally derived ingredients

High performance

High performance

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Biozet Attack PLUS Sensitive Liquid

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As a leading laundry detergent company, we believe we have a responsibility to develop sustainable products that contribute towards a better environment for the people and the planet.


Here at Biozet Attack, we persistently utilise new science and technologies to develop innovative laundry products that fulfil the expectations of our customers.

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