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Attacks Extra Tough Stains Fast

Finding yourself battling with tough stains at laundry time? Biozet Attack PLUS Stain Power will become your new best friend. This powerful liquid detergent attacks stubborn stains fast caused by oily food, sweat, grime and much more, even in tough conditions including cold wash and quick wash cycles.

Product Review 2023 and 2024 Award Winner

Product Review 2023-24 Awards

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Let difficult stains become a thing of the past with Biozet Attack PLUS Stain Power. Get a deep and powerful clean with this fast-actioning detergent, available in 2L liquid format.

Fast-actioning stain removal


Laundry Tip

Always use the right amount of detergent to stop clothes going stiff or over-sudsing in the machine.

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As a leading laundry detergent company, we believe we have a responsibility to develop sustainable products that contribute towards a better environment for the people and planet.


Here at Biozet Attack, we persistently utilise new science and technologies to develop innovative laundry products that fulfil the expectations of our customers.

Zetty’s Washing Academy

While laundry can seem like it’s never ending, check out our top tips and hints to save time and make washing less of a chore!