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Clean, green & kind to your machine

At Biozet Attack, we care about our world.

Single use plastics are a major issue for our environment. Plastic pollution is causing problems for our health, our ecosystem, and our wildlife.

So we developed Biozet Attack Refill Packs to be a part of the solution.

By combining our stain-busting and eco-friendly Biozet Attack formula with our Redcycle approved packaging, we’ve reduced the amount of plastic by 80%*.

Together we can reach Australia’s target of 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging by 2025.

Powerful Biozet Attack formulations now available as a refill pack using 80%* less plastic!

Powerful stain removal

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable formulations

Redcycle Approved

Grey water safe

*Vs. Biozet Attack 2L Bottle

Get clean, eco-friendly, and fresh washing every cycle.

Plus, turn your used refill packs into new products by recycling in Redcycle bins, available in Woolworths stores nationwide.

Choose from our Biozet Attack PLUS Eliminator Refill or Biozet Attack Regular Refill.

Switch to refills today and join us in reducing plastic waste.

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